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15 December 2011


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I started following your posts simply because the others (in particular a certain economist listed in the article) were being consistently wrong about China.

I think a lot of these pronouncements have to do with ideology and wishful-thinking. There is no self-assessment or revision of thinking coming forth either.

John Ross

Noted thanks. There will be a long list on Paul Krugman however as his wrong analyses on Asia, including China, goes back to his 1995 article 'The Myth of Asia's Miracle' http://bit.ly/rsDooP.
This article particularly singled out for criticism as a wrong model of development Singapore - which now has a higher GDP per capita than the US!


You might want to add this piece by Krugman to your list of articles. http://www.nytimes.com/2011/12/19/opinion/krugman-will-china-break.html This one predicts the bursting of a Chinese property bubble.

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