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11 August 2009


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Chinese economic growth

1. China's growth help resourse nations.
2. Cheap Chinese goods are affortable in very poor countries-improve their standard of living.
3. Chinese investments in other countries help their economies.
4. Chinese imports from Japan, S Korea, Taiwan, etc. help their economies.
5. Foreighn companies operating in China are making profit hand over fists.
6. Chinese workers are employed and getting rich.
7. Chinese banks are lending both at home and abroad.
8. Chinese companies are building roads, rails, ports, power plants, pipelines all over the world.

Allen C

Nice work on the so-called US savings rate.

Look at it in more simple terms. The massive trade imbalance has to end eventually. It is relatively easy to conclude that we are closer to the credit limit.

There is excess investment globally. China bought into the temporary recession thesis and artificially expanded the economy. This is coming to an end as it is also unsustainable.

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