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John Ross is currently Senior Fellow at Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies, Renmin University of China. His articles on the current international financial crisis include China and the "third Asian financial crisis", Why Asia will continue to grow more rapidly than the US and Europe, How bad can a fall in share prices be?, China acquires a hard currency, India and China's challenge in the current economic crisis, The share of developing countries in world exports, New data on China’s GDP and its total savings compared to the US, The convulsion in world trade, Trade and the worsening in the structure of US GDP under the impact of the financial crisis, and Investment, savings and growth - international experience relevant to some current economic issues cacing China.
In 2000-2008 he was Director of Economic and Business Policy for Mayor of London Ken Livingstone, equivalent to current rank of Deputy Mayor. He was in charge of economic and business policy for London - including setting overall business policy for the city, responsibility for the financial negotiations for the $25 billion rail link from Heathrow Airport to London's financial district and for international marketing of London. He was also in charge of London's economic relations with New York, Beijing, Shanghai, Moscow, Delhi, Mumbai and other major cities. His publications included ''Management Philosophy of the Greater London Authority' (2000) and 'Planning for London's Growth' (ed) (2003).
From 1992 he worked in Moscow as an adviser to international companies. His 1992 article 'Why the economic reform succeeded in China and will fail in Russia and Eastern Europe' was published in Russia, the US, India and other countries. His articles have been published in English, Chinese, Russian, French and Spanish.
John Ross is a consultant to FTSE 100 and Fortune Global 500 companies.
He is author of the blogs Key Trends in Globalisation (in English) and China in the International Financial Crisis (in English and Chinese). He has been an invited speaker in Shanghai, Beijing, Mumbai, London, New York, Paris, and Moscow.
John Ross holds a first class honours degree from Oxford University, to which he won an Open Scholarship, and an honorary Doctorate from the University of Middlesex.